Monday, November 30, 2009

The Piano

In the play, The Piano Lesson, by August Wilson, the piano is the object that brings their family together. It has a certain meaning to it, which could either make or break their family. It is a symbol that reminds the Charles' family of where they come from and who they are. As the play continues, the piano may have represented the past, but is disrupting the future. The past will always be remembered and an object is unnecessary, especially if that object can possibly bring success to the family. The piano, is like the main character of this play. Even if it is not a real human being, it is the most important part of this play. Without the piano, the Charles' family would not not have a reason to keep it, if it has no meaning to their family's past. The conflict over the piano is compelling because this is what has brought the family apart. Boy Willie would probably have not came back if it was not for the piano. I would sell the piano because if it meant a lot, it will always be remembered. An object is not always needed to keep a story of the past. If selling the piano will benefit the whole family, hopefully with success, then it would be best to sell it.

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